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About Natur's Way       Probiotics Comparison and Use

What are probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that naturally occur in the intestines of all mammals, and are imperative for good health. They can easily get depleted; for example, due to stress or antibiotics. Probiotic supplements are a natural way to keep your pet healthy and help them feel better! Probiotics provide many health benefits, such as:

Why feed probiotics? A proper balance of microorganisms in your pet's gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is critical to optimal health. When the microflora in your pet's GIT is balanced, your pet will be energetic, happy, and experience better overall health. Pets can't tell us how they feel, and like all animals, they hide discomfort because they believe their life depends on not being the weak member of the pack or pride. Feed a probiotic daily and see the difference in your pet!

Why are Natur's Way Pet Probiotics the best for your pet?

Are the probiotics in my pet's food sufficient? You'll have better results with probiotics that are separate from your pet's food because they are not subjected to the heat of cooking, they can be fed in higher amounts, and they can be kept refrigerated so that the microorganisms are kept alive and dormant.

About Natur's Way    Probiotics Comparison and Use

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