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Making probiotics for over 60 years!

Introduction to Probiotics    Probiotics Comparison and Use

Probiotics can give a very significant boost to the health and general well-being of most animals, including those that appear "healthy" to us, and can increase stamina, energy level, disease resistance, and overall quality of life. Make probiotics a standard component of your pet's daily care!

Who is Natur's Way? In the 1950s, on a working ranch in Horton, Kansas, the Haverkamp family began feeding probiotics to their cows, sheep, pigs, llamas, cats, dogs, and the rest of the ranch animals. After pronounced improvement in health and productivity they set out to better understand why probiotics are so beneficial, and to make even more effective formulas. It's well-known that probiotics have beneficial properties, but it takes a great deal of expertise to determine the appropriate combinations and proportions for specific animals and for various situations.

In order to meet their demanding requirements, they invested in research and development and began to grow their own probiotics, resulting in the ideal recipes for the various situations on their ranch. For example, they needed an inexpensive probiotic to feed daily to prevent sickness and ensure continued good health, they needed stronger probiotics for sick animals, and they needed a formula to address scours (the common term for diarrhea in livestock). At some point, the "e" fell off of "Nature" on their sign, and back home in Kansas it stuck.

Today, more than 60 years later, Dan continues the tradition begun by his father, providing the most effective probiotics on the market today. Natur's Way is very well known and widely used in the agricultural market.

How did we discover Natur's Way probiotics? On a cold winter night in January 2005, our owners finally trapped a stray cat that they'd been feeding and trying to catch for almost a year. The cat had a severe upper respiratory infection. Many rounds of antibiotics didn't cure the deep wheezing sound of each breath.

After several visits to different vets, and months of antibiotics they were desperate to find something that would help her poor Kitty. She found Natur's Way probiotics. After only a few days of feeding Natur's Way Pet Probiotics Kitty's wheezing disappeared, her breathing was easy, and she began to play! They were ecstatic! We started feeding Natur's Way probiotics to our other pets and they also seemed to feel better.

We knew we'd found the perfect complement to our exceptional cat and dog food!

Introduction to Probiotics    Probiotics Comparison and Use

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