Pet Probiotics Comparison and Use

Introduction to Probiotics    About Natur's Way

Probiotics are bacteria and yeast microorganisms and enzymes that naturally occur in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of all mammals, and are essential to good health; stress and sickness often deplete this population. Our all-natural supplements provide the bacteria needed to regenerate the microbial balance in your pet's GIT. Studies show that probiotics can help prevent intestinal problems and anxiety due to daily stresses. Our probiotics work directly with your pet's digestive system to promote good health!

Our probiotics are a perfect complement to our pet foods. You'll have better results with probiotics that are separate from your pet's food because they'll be kept refrigerated, keeping the microorganisms alive and dormant until activated by the heat and moisture of the GIT. Also, it's important that you can feed the amount of probiotics your pet needs, independent of the amount of food they eat. To feed, simply sprinkle on their foods and mix, coating the kibbles.

"I did not observe a dramatic difference in my dogs when I began using probiotics. But as they age (currently 11 years old), their bowel habits remain regular and they have no digestive issues. I am sure that probiotics play an important role in their digestive health. Thank you for always providing a good product, along with great customer service." Dr. C.K. Krueger, Hartsville, SC

"I order your probiotics for the cats in our adoption program - we typically see 400-450 cats/year come through our open concept program, and probiotics on a regular basis are vital to keeping cats healthy when they are stressed." Marylou Z., Program Director, PAWS of Bainbridge & North Kitsap, Poulsbo, WA

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Our line of probiotics:

Daily Boost Probiotic is our "go-to" probiotic supplement for daily use to maintain optimum health, prevent illness, and help with minor discomforts.
Natural Defense Probiotic is our recommended probiotic supplement for controlling allergy symptoms. It has all the benefits of Daily Boost, but is 3x more concentrated. When symptoms occur more frequently or chronically, this higher concentration is required. Its high pectin content, a fiber found in fruits, is helpful in preventing urinary crystals.
Natural Defense Soluble Probiotic has all the benefits of Daily Boost, but is 3x more concentrated (the same probiotics and concentration as Natural Defense). It's preferred over ND for controlling diarrhea, and for pets that benefit from natural vitamins sources. It has a lower concentration of pectin than the Natural Defense, and can be fed on wet or dry food.

Choose the Right Probiotic for Your Pet

  Daily Boost  

 The "Go-to" Probiotic 

  Natural Defense  

 3 x Daily Boost + Pectin 

  Natural Defense Soluble  

 3 x Daily Boost + Bentonite 

-Tastes great!
-Boosts health
-Strengthens the immune system
-Helps with minor symptoms
-Urinary crystals
-Helps allergy symptoms
-Frequent or chronic issues
-Controls diarrhea
-Enhanced palatability for cats
-Frequent or chronic issues
-Natural vitamins
Daily stress
Separation anxiety
Finicky eating habits
Bad breath
Loose stool
Acid reflux
Allergy symptoms
Excessive licking, chewing
Urinary crystals
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Upper respiratory illnesses
Enhanced palatability for cats
Natural vitamin sources

Introduction to Probiotics    About Natur's Way