Pet Probiotic Comparison and Use

Introduction to Probiotics    About Natur's Way

Probiotics are bacteria and yeast microorganisms and enzymes that naturally occur in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of all mammals, and are essential to good health; stress and sickness often deplete this population. Our all-natural supplements provide the bacteria needed to regenerate the microbial balance in your pet's GIT. Studies show that probiotics can help prevent intestinal problems due to daily stresses, and can even relieve anxiety caused by stress.

Our probiotics are a perfect compliment to our pet foods. You'll have better results with probiotics that are separate from your pet's food because they are not subjected to heat during cooking, they can be fed in higher amounts, and they can be kept refrigerated so that the microorganisms are kept alive and dormant until activated by the heat and moisture of the GIT. To feed, simply sprinkle on their foods and mix.

Our line of probiotics:

Daily Boost Probiotic is our go-to probiotic supplement. It's intended for daily use on wet or dry food to maintain optimum health, prevent illness, and help with minor discomforts. It has guaranteed live cultures of four different microorganisms for a total of approximately 450 million CFU/gram*.
Natural Defense Probiotic has more than 3x the concentration of Daily Boost, and is intended for pets that exhibit symptoms more frequently or chronically. As a hypoallergenic formula, it is especially effective at controlling allergy symptoms. Its high pectin content, a fiber found in fruits, is useful in preventing urinary "stones." It's best fed on dry food because it gels when wet. It has guaranteed live cultures of five different microorganisms for a total of approximately 1800 million CFU/gram*.
Natural Defense Soluble Probiotic has the same probiotics as the Natural Defense (above), but is more effective for controlling diarrhea, includes natural vitamins sources for additional nutrition, and is more palatable to cats. It's not considered to be hypoallergenic because of the additional ingredients. It has a lower concentration of pectin than the Natural Defense.

*CFU/gram (Colony Forming Units per gram) is an estimate of the number of viable bacteria in one gram; viable bacteria have the ability to multiply (are alive). The number of CFUs is determinedd by culturing the microbes and counting only viable cells (rather than microscopic examination, which counts all cells, living or dead).

Choose the Right Probiotic for Your Pet
  Daily Boost     Natural Defense     Natural Defense Soluble  
Daily stress
Separation anxiety
Finicky eating habits
Bad breath
Loose stool
Acid reflux
Allergy symptoms
Excessive scratching or licking
Urinary crystals
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Upper respiratory illnesses
Enhanced palatability for cats
Natural vitamin sources

Introduction to Probiotics    About Natur's Way

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