What our customers are saying about Pinto Canyon Pet Food...

"Our Abigail is doing well on your dog food. Thanks for providing such a quality product, good service and ease of reordering!" Suzanne S., Sandy, UT, February, 2018


"Jack and Bella love their FRR food and we are able to maintain good weights with this food. They always look forward to feeding time and finish their bowls quickly. They have never been picky eaters, but they seem to like this food the best of any I have ever tried." Diane W., Kilgore, TX, February, 2018

"Just wanted to let you know we dug into our first new bag and we can tell it's a new batch of food. The dogs are even more vivacious at feeding time, if such a thing were possible! I was a little worried at first because I noticed the food wasn't as orangy in color but everything turned out great! You know, with Rosie and her gastrointestinal issues. Your food is the best we've ever had experience with (including FRR as the years went on and it seemed to change and possibly decline in quality) - both with picky eaters and gastrointestinal-type issues, which Boston Terriers can be plagued with. Thank you again for everything!" Faith W., Arnold, MO, February, 2018

"They loved the last order. Scent brought them right after the packages after the UPS guy delivered. This is great food. They love it. I am so happy. thank you for all your information." Renee B., Big Bear City, CA, January, 2018

"Just want to say what a pleasure it is to do business with you and have you serve my little old man Toby. He has not had a digestion problem since I have been feeding him the Pinto Canyon Salmon & Sweet Potato and also the Daily Boost Probiotics suggested by you. Thank you so much and I appreciate your great customer service. Merry Christmas. Sharon" Sharon B., Pueblo, CO, December, 2017

"Kai and Prince love the Salmon food. They are doing great on it. All the skin problems are gone!" Janice S., Aurora, CO, November, 2017


"We are thrilled with Majah’s food, Pinto Canyon Lamb & Brown Rice!" Alberta J., Saint Clair, PA, November, 2017


"Molly and Mindy are doing good! No licking or itching at all. Thank you so very much. Your a great company." Kelly W., San Diego, CA, November, 2017

"Bella and Jake love their food and I am more than satisfied with Pinto Canyon. " Diane W., Kilgore, TX, November, 2017

"Rider (GSD) is a large breed and Lance (Caucasian Ovtcharka) is my giant breed. Rider's issues were skin/coat - Lance's issues were stool and ear infections. Both love Pinto Canyon Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato and are doing great.... I'm SOOOO HAPPY. I actually caught my kitten eating the dog food when I was busy getting the boy's meals ready for them." Terri Z., Elk Horn, KY, October, 2017


"Treya has an underbite. Her jaw gets tight. Vet recommended wet food, but the quality wet food doesn't agree with her. Your product, perhaps because it's baked, is lighter and easier to crunch. I think it's less demanding on her jaw because she is more eager to eat than when the bowl was only the Wild Calling." Joanna P., Los Angeles, CA, October, 2017

"Just want you to know how happy we are with your dog food, Louy is a Dalmatian almost 6 years already had stone surgery once I've been scared death he's going get them again but since he's been on Pinto Canyon lamb it's a big load off our minds knowing he's getting quality food that don't have a all the byproducts and other crap in there, he's been on it going on 3rd autoship he's lost 5 lb. And has a lot more energy and it's so easy comes to doorstep no hassle. Just wanted stop you a line let you know how happy we are with your food. Thank you." John P., Greenwood, IN, September 2017

"This food is really making a difference. Copper's coat is so soft and shiny. And his breath even smells better." Denise R., Saint Charles, MO, September 2017


"Just a note to let you know how much our dog chloe loves the pinto canyon! She was acting like it was dog treats, just gobbling it from our hands! So happy to finally find something she likes! We had tried a few of the others and she would finally eat it, but she really loves this stuff! Thanks!" Kathy B., Marseilles, IL, August 2017

"Hi Kim I've just received my second order of pinto Canyon and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally have good dog food again. My dogs love it and I am very pleased to see they have considerably less volume of stool which means they are absorbing most of the nutrients thank you so much for letting us order this wonderful product." Kay M., Fair Oaks, CA, August 2017

"They love it. And we don't have to grind it down. I am soooo happy! Thanks x 100!" Ofelia B., La Habra Heights, CA, August 2017

"Sophie enjoys it! Much better than the tender true brand. In addition I noticed her eye junk clears up when she's eating the good all nature food (pinto & flint river). Thanks for reply." Bill G., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, August 2017


"Just a note to let you know how much our dog chloe loves the pinto canyon! She was acting like it was dog treats, just gobbling it from our hands! So happy to finally find something she likes! We had tried a few of the others and she would finally eat it, but she really loves this stuff! Thanks!" Kathy B., Marseilles, IL, August 2017

"LOVING IT - I MEAN LOVING IT - and they're finicky!! I called a friend with finicky dogs to tell her!" Sharyn G., San Martin, CA, August 2017

"Judging from the way my pets look forward to Meal Time, I would say they love the new food and so do I. We have noticed there is far less volume of stool since we started this new food and when you have a lot of dogs that is something to consider." Kay M., Fair Oaks, CA, August 2017

"Jake gets back from Canada on the 23rd from racing in the CWA Nationals. He looks so svelt and ready to run his little butt off. Thanks for being there and so concerned about how the dogs are doing on this new food. They love it and look great. I really appreciate you all." Bonnie C., Oroville, CA, August 2017

"Yesssssssssss!! She hasn't chewed herself since. This is a testimony to your food thank you for loving my fur babies." (Lucy on Facebook) Tereena G., Youngsville, LA, July 2017

"I have 4 dogs and 1 of them is very picky. This new food has got him hooked and eats like a champ now. thanks, Jori" Jori C., Reno, NV, July 2017

"Hello, Pinto Canyon, I want to thank you for the wonderful dry dog food you are now providing that is the BEST dry dog food I have ever found or fed my dogs for over 20 years! I have tried all major brands, the very best, but your Pinto Canyon is the best ever. The aroma makes it smell clean, nutritious and appealing. My dogs LOVE this food, and they didn't care for top brands, such as Wellness and others, I do not buy grocery store brands, but they love this food and don't leave a morsel. They get canned food added, but even with that added they didn't like other dry dog food. They LOVE this Pinto Canyon Oven-Baked Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it RIGHT, and this is the best ever! Thank you!" (View on Facebook) Suzanne B., June 2017

"I'm so glad for Pinto Canyon. You are really a life saver. Boston Terriers can have gastrointestinal issues to begin with but my Rosie can go from being ok to needing an emergency vet visit for serious diarrhea-related problems if she eats the wrong thing. I have been struggling with different "comparable" formulas since FRR went out of business with distressing results, not to mention costly vet visits. We are now several bags in with Pinto Canyon's Grain-Free Sweet Potato & Salmon formula and I cannot tell you how relieved I am and impressed with the results I'm seeing. The food is appealing to my Bostons so they start eating right when their bowls hit the floor, they can chew the food easily, it's a good kibble size for smaller dogs, and they even love to eat it dry (not the case with other brands on all of the above). And most importantly, no bouts of diarrhea! Thank you for providing such a quality food for those of us who want and need something better for our dogs. I wish you much continued success!" Faith W., Arnold, MO, July 2017

"I love this food's aroma and how well my dogs thrive on it. My dogs love it! It is the best dry food ever, and even far surpasses the dry food I ordered from Flint River years ago. Plaudits to you for providing this great food!" Temple D., Brandon, MS, June 2017

"I wanted to let you know how HAPPY I am to be able to purchase Pinto Canyon for my 4 senior dachshunds!! My dogs ate Flint River Ranch Lamb, Rice, and Millet their entire lives. Never had digestive issues. They are now 13 and 15 years old. One of my 15 year olds developed loose stool, gas, and eventually diarrhea (w/blood) and colitis over the past few months. He lost a full pound during all of this. He visited the vet who put him on Hill's W/D canned food (high fiber) and a course of metrondiazole, which stopped the bleeding but gave him explosive diarrhea. As soon as he ate the food, it came right back out. It was during this time that I received the email about Pinto Canyon. I immediately purchased a bag and began feeding him about 1/4 cup mixed with boiled chicken and rice. We are now up to 3/4 cup a day with just a little topper of chicken and rice. He is doing PHENOMENAL. No more rumbly tummy, no more diarrhea, and he has put weight back on in just a matter of weeks.

Bruzer, Moose, Tucker, and Bella

I couldn't be happier, and all 4 of my dogs are being switched over to Pinto Canyon Lamb recipe. This is the most superior food on the market, in my honest opinion and I hope to never have to change foods again!!" Laura O., Lenoir City, TN, June 2017

"The formula of your food is wonderful as he has always had a severe food allergy and it has been hard to find a food that does not cause him to itch and break out. He is actually itching less and his fur is going back from where he constantly scratched it." Chuck H., Tallahassee, FL, May, 2017

"I have two hard to please dogs who now can't wait for their bowls to hit the floor. Thank you from Bella and Lola!" Ina R., Chula Vista, CA, May 2017

Lola and Bella

"Dear FlintRiver, Poco is 16 years old and has been eating your dog food for many years. He LOVES your new formulation of the salmon and sweet potato so much that he even will eat it dry, something which he never did. When the new bag arrived, he even knocked it over to get more! Thank you for keeping our dog healthy and happy." Sincerely, MerryAnn and Michael, Harveys Lake, PA, June 2017

"I'd been feeding my fur babies flint river for years, but I'm so happy with the new Pinto Canyon brand and so are they! Great customer service and always very helpful and responsive to any questions I may have." Michelle V., May 2017

"I want to tell you that my babies just love the new lamb and rice food, and I mean "simply love it". Thank you so , so much. I'll keep giving them the lamb and rice since they love it so much. Thank you for trying so hard to find a dog food that you know your customers will just love and also be nutritious and healthy for their pets. Right now, my babies just can't wait to get to their food, so everything is a go. Thanks so, so much!!!" Wilma T., Harrisonburg, VA, May 2017

Abby and Ceci

"I literally opened the bag of chicken and rice and Fitz literally dove into it! He loves it! Thanks so much for everything, doing business with you is a pleasure!!" Lorraine W., Floral Park, NY May, 2017

"Beker loves the new food! He had no problems adjusting. It was super easy, he can be very picky and just refuse to eat. Thanks so much for checking in." Wendy R., Clive, IA, May 2017

"The formula of your food is wonderful as he has always had a severe food allergy and it has been hard to find a food that does not cause him to itch and break out. He is actually itching less and his fur is going back from where he constantly scratched it." Chuck H., Tallahassee, FL, May, 2017

"I love the new Pinto Canyon food. Or I should say my dog friends love it. My older girl had started not eating much but when she discovered the chicken and rice, I can't get in her bowl fast enough. They love it because it tastes good. I love it because I KNOW that it is made with the finest ingredients. Thank you Pinto Canyon." Judy W., Round Rock, TX, May 2017

"Your food is feeding two male St. Bernards. They love it. Scarf it down is more like." Nancy T., Taylorville, IL, May 2017

"My dog, Bella, is a 4 year old Beagle/Spaniel mix, who weighs in at 24 lbs. She can be a picky eater, when it comes to dog food. She absolutely LOVES the Lamb & Brown Rice Flavor. I can’t thank you enough!" Sally S., Bowie, MD, May 2017

"She is loving it. When she is done her home cooked food, she always goes over to the bag and I give her a handful. Thanks" Linda P., Nashua, NH, May 2017

"Loves it! got her cousin to love it too!" Ersilia L., Mamaroneck, NY, May 2017

"I had some of my other food left, and I put the Pinto Canyon on top, and Conner DEVOURED the Pinto Canyon. I had to call to let you know." Ken S., Peckville, PA, April, 2017

"My finicky golden retriever loves his new food! Thank you!" Ellen M., Dunstable, MA , April 2017

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