Pinto Canyon Daily Feeding Cost

Because Pinto Canyon is oven-baked, you'll feed significantly less than most other pet foods. This leads to significant savings! We want to show you the actual cost—straight up, no number games or hidden costs.

You may think that Pinto Canyon costs too much for your pet; however, consider that:

Your dog can eat wholesome, well-balanced meals for just pennies a day!

The total cost — to your door — to feed Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice:

Dog's Weight Amount to Buy* Pinto Canyon
Cost per Day
10 lb 15 lb $0.40
20 lb 15 lb $0.67
30 lb 45 lb $0.73
40 lb 60 lb $0.83
50 lb 60 lb $1.00
60 lb 60 lb $1.17
70 lb 60 lb $1.30
80 lb 60 lb $1.43
90 lb 60 lb $1.56
100 lb 60 lb $1.69
*The amount that gets you the best price, but isn't too much to buy at a time.

Your dog is worth every penny!

And you know it's safe.


Unconditional Guarantee
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