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Here's what cats think about Pinto Canyon Cat Food ...

"Kim, both of our Bombays love the new food and I had to order more! It has become their food of choice!" Leah A., Houston, TX, June, 2019

Coco & Ebony

"I just had to write and tell you, Cuti LOVES the new cat food. It came the other day in time for her supper! I put some in a little bowl, she smelled it and DUG in like she was STARVING! I should've taken a video! When she finished that little bit of food she ran with me to the kitchen meowing frantically. You guys knocked it out of the park! I don’t think she's going to tolerate mixing the new and old food very long. Now ALL my 4 leg'd babies are happy at my house!" Dawn C., Smithville, MS, May, 2019

Hoss & Cuti

"Kitty LOVES turkey! Pinto Canyon Turkey Recipe is PURRFECT for her! She doesn't have a lot of teeth, but has no problem with these kibbles. They're perfectly crispy, but not hard. Mmmmm." Kim M., Sammamish, WA, April, 2018


"Jazzy LOVES the Pinto Canyon dry kibble! At first I didn't mix it; he ate it right up without doing that. Then later, when there were times he wouldn't eat his *old* food, I started mixing the Pinto with his old food so he'd eat his *old* food! Keep being as thoughtful and service-oriented as you already are!" Alyse S., San Diego, CA, April, 2018

Jazzy can't stay out of the bag!

"My cats love the new cat food; they have stopped eating the other dry food and only this new Pinto Canyon food." Edith M., Huntingdon Valley, PA, May, 2018

"The good news is they love it.. and they are finicky eaters. I have researched a lot and there are precious few companies I feel I can trust." Joan M., West Chester, OH, May, 2018

"Great food. My senior cat with significant bowel issues is doing well on it. Had the most normal poop since we got her a year and a half ago. Big thanks! My other senior cat who had flint river in the past loves it too." Becky O., Danville, IL, May, 2018

"She does seem to like it. I will continue to buy it, because I trust the quality. I am going to try adding water to the dry food, I hadn't thought of that before." Patricia A., Austin, TX, May, 2018

"Good ingredients, she likes it, and she weaned herself off the old and onto yours." Judith R., Mc Minnville, TN, May, 2018

"Oh my God I just gave him a little tiny bit to see and he gobbled it down. I will recommend to my friends who have pets." Donna I., Pembroke Pines, FL, May, 2018

"Bear Fat Kitty LOVES this food!... it's funny, because (new behavior), if he's seeing the bottom of his food bowl, he'll find me and start meowing at me to follow him (he has food 24/7 in his bowl, but, he doesn't over eat, he just eats when he wants) -- so... he doesn't necessarily 'come to the bag when I open it' -- again, he leads me to it. We did mix the food with old food for a week or so.... not any longer...and, yes, he goes right to the food. No reactions to the food that we have seen.... except maybe that he seems nicer!... not such a cranky! we use the food as is No added water. Will definitely recommend...already have...No questions/concerns... and nothing to add except I'm really happy with the product.... Overall, Bear just seems more balanced.... he's always been a 'whiney' cat....but, not so much since this new food...nice. BTW--- He gets flea meds (Cheristin) 1x/mo, but, he's always had a bit of a scratching thing... just a few times/day and no issues of bald patches, but, that scratching has disappeared! Also, we had friends over for dinner and they remarked at how glossy his 'coat' looked...which I had also thought... his fur is luscious these days." Marcie F., San Francisco, CA, June, 2018

"They heard the bag opening, they ran in. Also, I store it in a plastic bin because they were chewing the bag! Breeder recommended and veterinarian thinks the cats look fabulous. They are healthy!!" Mari G., South Plainfield, NJ, June, 2018

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