How to get your pets into the Flint River Pet Gallery:

Just send a picture or two of your babies (dogs and cats, that is) to along with some items of interest about your pet or pets.  Here are some suggestions:

You don't need to provide all this information - just send whatever interests you.  We don't promise to include everything you send because of space limitations, but we'll do our best to make a good presentation. The picture(s) can be any image format and any size - we'll adjust them to fit on our Website. We'll send you an email as soon as we've completed your entry.

Our Pet Gallery has been a great success!  We want to thank you for lending us pictures of your pets - many visitors to our website are enjoying them!  Keep them coming.  We get behind occasionally and don't get your pictures up as quickly as we would like, but bear with us.  If you already have your pet in our Gallery and want to add a picture of another pet, or replace the existing pictures with more recent ones, send them on.  Just let us know what you'd like us to do.  If you want pictures removed, let us know that too.

We think this is a fun place for our visitors, and we're open to your suggestions.  We're looking forward to more of your pictures and stories - thanks for your interest!

Here are our pets at!:

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