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Bella at 4 Years

Breed: MalteseWeight: 6 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River, Baby food, diced baked chicken, scrambled eggs
Favorite Activities: Sleeping. Bella likes playing outside, but she gets tired of it after five minutes and likes to come back in and watch Soaps with mom.
Story: I had been looking for a Maltese for a long time and when I finally found a breeder she said she didn't have any puppies available at the time. I was pretty devastated because I had already fallen in love with Bella long distance. Anyway, that same night the breeder called me and said she had changed her mind and I could pick up Bella that weekend. I was so excited I had to pull my car off the road and calm down. I brought Bella home when she was five months old and Bella and I have been best buddies since.

Staff: Brandy Lowery
Home: Henrietta, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: February 6, 2006

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