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Bella Rapha at 2 Years

Sleeping Peacefully in Her "Outward Hound" Car Seat

Bella Rapha
Breed: Cairn TerrierWeight: 20 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Her favorite food is "fish-n-chips" (Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato formula).
Favorite Activities: Her favorite activities are to go for long walks, fetch her "stick," and ride in the car (see photo). She goes to work with me and anywhere dogs are allowed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She just passed rigorous testing to become an approved Delta Society dog - this will allow us to go into hospitals and facilities as a team to participate in activities and animal assisted therapy. She is also a new member of the "Paws 4 Healing" organization here in Southern California.
Bella Rapha (which stands for beautiful in Italian and healer in Hebrew) weighs 19.8 pounds, and the vet says that she needs to lose one or two pounds to get rid of the "junk in the trunk" and keep her healthy and to live a long life.

Everyone is Bella's friend until proven otherwise - even the mailmen love her. People who know her have a saying: "Every day is a good day if you're Bella!" She is full of energy and enthusiasm for other animals, people, and especially children.

Staff: Cindy Tait
Home: Riverside, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 5, 2006

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