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Riley at 18 Months (left) and Kelsey at 6 Months

Breed: Bichon FriséGender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult dog food, carrots, hot dogs, and cheese.
Favorite Activities: He loves to play ball and help out on the computer.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps on a pillow at the head of the bed or under the covers.
Story: They were both purchased from a breeder in North Carolina. They are half-siblings (same sire).
He's such a sweet little guy in perfect proportions.

They are the two sweetest pups that we have ever had. They are so funny when they do their "Bichon" buzz as there is no stopping them.

Breed: Bichon FriséGender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch food and anything that she is allowed to eat (she's our little piranha).
Favorite Activities: She loves to compete with Riley.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps on the bed but on top of the covers.
She's a sweet, big girl.

Staff: Kay McCoy
Home: Christiansburg, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 30, 2005

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