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You don't choose the dog life, the dog life chooses you!
Shadow (left) and Ajax
At 6 Years

Breed: Labrador RetrieverWeight: 73 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: " We have had Labs since 1989, all from the same breeder, and they are just terrific. These are our first males - all others were female. Every single one of them lives/lived to eat....so, we know they are not likely to turn up their noses at anything - except maybe mushrooms. They each get a whole carrot after each meal."

These two are eating Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice

Breed: Labrador RetrieverWeight: 66 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: "Ajax was hit by a car when the dogs escaped our back yard, right after our move here. He fortunately survived, but had, among other things, a complete dislocation of his right front elbow. So, we do try to keep him "lean and mean", for otherwise there will be more weight to bear on that joint than is wise. He is smaller boned then his brother, so this works well. Shadow is a bigger dude, so he carries his weight pretty well. Breeders who show dogs are known to like a little more pudgy look in their dogs - I do NOT want these dogs to be thin, but also am mindful of the stress on joints over time, particularly since they live a life where hiking in the desert is on the menu a fair amount."

Staff: Sara Machir
Date Entered into Gallery: November 21, 2018

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