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Why has it been so, so, very long since I was fed last. I'm withering away in to nothingness.
Gabby at 8 Months

Can you please turn on my shows. And bring me a snack. Thanks!
Palin at 9 Years

The toys, they're so far away. I can't reach them.
Rylie at 1 Year

Breed: Cavalier King Charles SpanielWeight: 16 pounds
Gender: Female
"Gabby, is the half human. She lays beside me in the morning and pushes her legs back and forth against my shoulder to wake me. If that doesn’t work she lays her body across my mouth and nose...that usually works"

Breed: Cavalier King Charles SpanielWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Female
"Palin is just the quiet mama bear. She watches over the babies and, as long as she gets fed, lays happily watching the pups rough house all day"

Breed: Cavalier King Charles SpanielWeight: 14 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: These guys like to feast on Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice. They get four bags at a time to save $34.97 per order. They get 2/3 cups per day (each), and snacks and treats along the way so a bag lasts them about 30 days!
Story: "Cavaliers were bred, originally to be the foot warmers of royalty...now they're just royalty. We used to have a golden retriever and mom said it best..."Golden live to please you...Cavaliers live for you to please them!" They're cute when they do it though!!"

Staff: Sara Cauffiel
Home: Acworth, GA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 24, 2018

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