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Rosie at 7 Years

Breed: Boston TerrierGender: Female
Favorite Food: The Trout and Potato Nugget has saved Rosie's life twice now. Please, if your dog has serious gastrointestinal issues or chronic diarrhea, I would suggest to any worried pet parent to try Flint River Ranch, specifically the Trout and Potatoes. It is a little lower in fiber, has great quality ingredients, and it could very well save your dogs life. It's also very palatable. No more worries about force-feeding when your dog is sick, as they finally come running to eat.
Story: When we first rescued her we were trying to force-feed her ANYTHING to keep her alive. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, deathly ill, emaciated and just wasting away. Several years ago I got away from using the food, due to economic reasons, so I opted for the best quality but affordable commercial dog food I could. This grave error in judgment finally caught up with her. It even entailed a brief stint at a specialty pet hospital's emergency clinic, where she was hospitalized for 3 days on fluids.

After many tests, they gave us a generic diagnosis of Gastroenteritis. Her prognosis even after release was not good. Before taking the next step, which was an invasive biopsy of her intestines and stomach (she was so sick at this point I wasn't even sure she could survive surgery), I began thinking of going back to FRR and I'm so glad I did. There's no more audible stomach complaints, no more diarrhea or that awful mucus in her stool. And I know she feels much better now too. She's no longer lethargic for days at a time and runs and plays like any other healthy dog and we're even back to our normal walks. I no longer have to give her Rx or over the counter drugs.

See my older siblings, whom I miss dearly, at entry 662.

Staff: Faith Welker
Home: Arnold, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: November 21, 2013

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