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“Seriously? I have to wear these antlers? I’m not a deer?”
Tucson at 2 Years

Breed: BoxerWeight: 65 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: I like anything Mama eats —tacos!
Favorite Activities: I like chasing birds and cats and playing with palm fronds that blow off of the palm trees around the field where I run and play!
Favorite Place to Sleep: I LOVE to sleep with Mama and Daddy!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Guarding the house, of course!
Story: At a very young age, I traveled from Tucson to Silver City, NM to live and then we moved to Houston, TX and then Galveston, TX. I was raised by my Mama, because Daddy was away most of my young life. As a result, I am a ‘Mama’s boy” and very spoiled. I love people, especially children and I hate to be left at home alone.

Staff: Deborah and Tyger Lucas
Home: Silver City, NM
Date Entered into Gallery: April 6, 2012

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