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Kitty at 20 Years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: Your cat kibble is the only hard product that she can eat. Her teeth are in bad shape and the vet says she can't have them cleaned because she will likely not come out of the anesthesia. So we order your kibble for her to help her eat. She has been very small all of her life. Her top weight was 7 pounds. She now is down to 5.3, so eating is a huge factor for her. I feed her whatever, and whenever, she will eat but I like to have a hard kibble always in a dish for her.

I decided to order the flaky treats, mixed in her food, this time, to see if she will eat more.

The MSE Natural Defense was a miracle-worker for her a couple of years ago. She had constant diarrhea. MSE stopped it completely and immediately. She has been fine since, with the daily dose in her diet. I know she feels better and is more alert and interested in her surroundings and household events.

Staff: Linda Smith
Home: Fairfax, VT
Date Entered into Gallery: November 4, 2010

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