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Diggin' on Lake Michigan
Tater at 4 Months

"It was just a softball! See how cute I am?"
Tater at 1 Year

Tater at 4 Months

"Who could pass up this face at the shelter?"
Tater at 8 Weeks

Tater and the Lasqueti Island oysters

Breed: Labrador Retriever MixWeight: 50 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He enjoys Flint River Ranch Original Puppy and Adult Kibble Dog Food.
Favorite Activities: Tater is a social butterfly. He loves going to the local dog park.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He loves to relax on his back. He really likes to sleep in late, even though his owner is an early bird!
All the ladies love to comment on his surprisingly soft, white fur as he bats his blond eyelashes to them.

Staff: Sara Shippee
Home: Chicago, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: October 1, 2010

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