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The Odd Couple
Pogo at 15 Years (left) and Scotty MacDuff at 13 Years

Scotty MacDuff

Gingerbread Girl

Breed: West Highland White Terrier Gender: Male
Pogo has that happy-go-lucky Westie attitude that allows him to bounce his way though life. Scotty MacDuff is his best bud.
Pogo and MacDuff are really grumpy old men in dog disguises who have their own set way of doing things. They eat out of the same dinner bowl: Pogo slurps and MacDuff grumbles and growls. They drink from the same dish: Pogo sticks his face in the bowl and hopes to get a drink, and MacDuff slurps from the front to the back and then repeats. At bedtime they fight to get in the same crate at the same time and then grumble when a paw gets stepped on or a nose gets bumped against the wall—finally they settle down for the night and both boys dig and turn until everything is jusssst right, then they grumble and flash their teefers like the tough guys they really are! LOL. We LOVE EM!

Scotty MacDuff
Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Male
Favorite Activities: MacDuff is quite the alpha. He gets whatever he wants and spends a good portion of the day sitting on top of his crate surveying his kingdom.

Gingerbread Girl
Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Female

Staff: Cheryl Flewharty
Home: Dallas, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: May 8, 2004

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