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After 1 Year with Jerilyn

After 2 Years with Jerilyn

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male
Favorite Food: Sam loves spicy foods—the spicier the better. He won't eat regular fish but loves smoked tuna jerky. I don't give him a lot, but he gets in my face, snatches it out of my hand as I'm trying to eat it, and runs. He also loves spicy Mexican, Chinese, and Thai foods.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He talks to lizards and birds and has a different me-eh-eh-eh-eh sound for each so I know what he's looking at out the window.
Story: I got Sam a couple of years ago from a lady with seven cats and four kids. Sam was the least favorite. I chose him because I picked him up and he growled at me. I like a cat with personality who speaks his mind! I took Sam to the vet soon after getting him and the vet thought I had abused him! Sam was very skittish, growled at everything, had fleas, worms, and a UTI, had signs of a healed broken tail, and was generally very miserable. That's when I read Dr. Goldstein's book, who recommended Flint River Ranch. Well, two years later Sam is a happy, healthy individual who growls and purrs at the same time. He obviously finds the most comfortable place to be. Sam is a joy to have and I couldn't imagine life without him.
Sam just had a vet checkup and lost four pounds in a year since I got him onto Flint River Ranch food. The vet was very impressed. The vet gave him an A+ rating and said, "This cat is as healthy as an ox."

Staff: Jerilyn Schrock
Home: Merritt Island, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: April 23, 2004

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