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Obie at 4 Months

New Best Friends
Maggie Mae at 10 Years (left) and Obie at 6 Months

Breed: Norfolk TerrierGender: Male
Birthday: March 6, 2009
Full Name: Obadiah "Obie" Carl Spriggs
Favorite Activities: They both love to play and of course they are Terriers and "earth dogs," so I'm sure Obie will share Maggie's passion for keeping our yard clear of "vermin".
We just got Obie on June 4, 2009 and are so happy to have this new member of our family! So far, Maggie seems to be fine with the addition too, although she is used to being the center of attention.

Maggie Mae
Breed: West Highland White Terrier Gender: Female
Full Name: Maggie Mae Spriggs
Story: Maggie Mae could not jump on the couch 4 years ago. The Senior Plus took care of the joint problems and she's still going strong! This is truly Great Dog Food!

Staff: Doug and Janet Spriggs
Home: Newport, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: July 2, 2009

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