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Chelsea at 3 Years

Jessica at 1 Year

And the Whole Gang Together

Newest Pack Member
Millie B at 4 Months

Breed: American Foxhound/Treeing Walker Coonhound MixGender: Female
These hounds are very special in a lot of ways. It would take me all night to convey how special they are. They are the most unusual pets I have ever had and the most fun!

Breed: American Foxhound/Treeing Walker Coonhound MixGender: Female
Favorite Activities: They love to hike, run, play in the snow, and hunt small game.

Millie B
Breed: American Foxhound MixWeight: 21 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She eats everything!
Favorite Activities: Millie loves to play "rugby" with my "big" girls, Chelsea and Jessica. She especially loves to go on a hike with everyone.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Somehow she ended up in our bed between me and my husband.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She eats a second and third breakfast.
Story: I rescued her from a hunt club to keep her from going home with someone who might not care for her well.

Staff: Gretchen Nelson, Pack Leader
Home: Reno, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: June 8, 2009

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