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Gertie at 6 Years

Breed: PomeranianGender: Female
Story: Gertie was rescued from a terrible and illegal puppy mill in Houston, Texas, where she had been bred and abused for 3 years. The Houston police raided the mill and took all the dogs to the pound. She was there for 3 weeks before she was healthy enough to go up for adoption. She is the most special animal anyone has ever met. She has an incredible otherworldly quality that tends to just fascinate people on the street. She is a very happy dog as long as she is always by my side. She travels everywhere with me... whether I am going down the street to the grocery store or across the country, she is always in a bag on my arm. She becomes a bit of a celebrity in every town we go to. She gets invited to parties and to store openings and gets stopped on the street constantly. Frankly, it's the strangest thing in the world. Some of my friends won't even walk with us, because of all the attention. It can be hysterical sometimes.

Staff: Jamison Stern
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 19, 2004

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