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"I left my ball in San Francisco"

Breed: Golden RetrieverGender: Male
Favorite Food: Treats of course, but I love my Flint River lamb and rice.
Favorite Activities: Interactions with humans, tennis ball fetching, and swimming.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In a bed with humans, where else?
Special Skills or Responsibilities: A.k.a. The Mayor: I know and greet everyone, and like to oversee the neighborhood, especially infamous Alta Plaza park directly across the street. My only responsibility is to make sure my humans are good.
Story: Truman has seen much of the county, driving and, of course, the whole time trying to make his way to the front seat. He has been to 12 states, been hiking in the Sierras, swimming in the Pacific, cross-country skiing in Bend Oregon, canoeing in Michigan, and just loves life. He was also the inspiration for the names of the dogs in movie Eight Below, where he and his brother Dewey were written in as the twins "Truman and Dewey." We just recently lost Dewey to cancer at the young age of 6. When he died Truman stopped eating his normal food; he ate hamburgers only! We met a 13 year old Golden who was eating Flint River, so we gave it a try. Truman loved it! He gets so excited about eating again. It's so cute to see.

Staff: Anne Connell
Home: San Francisco, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 28, 2008

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