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Digby at 20 Months

"I always have trouble with these arpeggios."

Breed: Airedale Terrier Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: He has a large fenced yard which he loves to protect from the neighborhood cats, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and other furry critters, all of which drive him crazy. He considers them all food, along with his Flint River Ranch nuggets, of course! One day he chased a helicopter passing overhead. He loves to ride in the Jeep as co-pilot, where he's quick to announce vermin along the way such as cows, horses, sheep, geese, dogs, cats, squirrels, big trucks, garbage bags, and fire hydrants.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps wherever "dad" sleeps, with his back nestled up against him.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He's had many obedience classes though he's not destined for the show ring. He rings a bell when he wants to go outdoors.
He's a great companion and typical Airedale clown.

Staff: Doug Whitman
Home: Marcellus, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: December 28, 2003

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