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Begging for Flint River Ranch Food
Mick (left) and Maggie
At 5 Years

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 53 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: People food.
Favorite Activities: Taking a walk.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In bed with me.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is very protective and so is he. They babysit each other.
Story: Both dogs were at the Humane Society. They were about 3 months old when mother and daughter, Anne and Susan, adopted them and brought them back together. They are extremely loyal to their families and love to spend a great deal of time together. Yet, like brother and sister, sometimes cannot wait to get away from each other. Maggie and I babysit Mick about three days a week, sometimes four. They are very loyal dogs and, guess what, my grandson still doesn't have a dog as Mick has taken over Susan, Ben's mother.

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 62 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: My grandson wanted a dog for himself as we had Boston Terriers and he wanted a real dog. Well, we went to the Humane Society in Lima and Mick came out to greet us. Then Maggie came in and jumped on my lap. The man told us that they were brother and sister and one of them kept smelling for the other one. That is when I said that they should stay together.

Staff: Anne Wells and Susan Showalter
Home: Van Wert, OH
Date Entered into Gallery: July 17, 2007

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