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All Dressed Up and Looking Cool
Barkley at 2 Years

Barkley's Buddy at 12 Weeks

Nap Time

A Day at the Beach

Breed: Saint Bernard/Dalmatian MixWeight: 87 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: A long walk on a beach or pier is something that makes them both happy (besides loving me).
Story: I rescued him from the Humane Society the day before Thanksgiving in 2006. He truly gave me something to give thanks for. He has added so much excitement to my life, and has filled a void that has been there for years. He is my big baby that loves and cherishes me. When I first adopted Barkley, he needed some work. He had whip worms, kennel cough, and entropion (bottom eye lids rolled in and scratched his cornea, if left untreated it would have caused ulcers on his eyes). Two weeks after I brought him home, he had surgery on his eyes and the worms and cough were gone. He now lives a happy, comfortable life and gets spoiled rotten.

Barkley's Buddy
Breed: Saint BernardWeight: 28 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Spending time camping, hiking, and swimming are favorite pastimes for both my spoiled boys.
Story: Barkley's Buddy is an AKC-registered St. Bernard. Barkley was bored at home with four cats that would not play with him. So I found a breeder and got him a buddy. Barkley's Buddy loves to play with Barkley, and is very well-protected by Barkley. He is now just as spoiled as Barkley is.

Staff: James Revord
Home: Flint, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: July 11, 2007

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