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Why should your pet eat organic food? Pet food carrying the USDA Certified seal means that you have complete confidence in the safety and quality of ingredients—at last! Organic pet food meets the same requirements as organic human food!
  • Our organic poultry is fed a 100% organic vegetarian diet!
  • Our organic poultry is never fed GMOs.
  • Our poultry is never given antibiotics.
  • Our poultry is never fed animal by-products.
  • Our organic poultry is never fed food grown using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Our poultry is certified humanely raised in a comfortable environment with plenty of room to roam.
  • Our organic ingredients are fully traceable to their origins.
  • All of our fish is sustainably ocean-caught.
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For Dogs:
Our dogs’ favorite is our Antibiotic-free Chicken & Brown Rice Kibble. If your dog prefers a grain-free formula, we suggest our Organic Chicken and Liver Kibble.
For Cats:
Our cats' favorites are our grain-free Ocean Whitefish and Potato and our grain-free Organic Chicken and Liver recipes.
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