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Scour Aid Anti-Diarrheal Scour Aid Anti-Diarrheal

Scour-Aid Anti-Diarrheal

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Scour-Aid Anti-Diarrheal

An All-Natural Treatment of Diarrhea in Cats and Dogs

Guaranteed to Control Diarrhea — Traps Toxins and Viruses

Detailed Information on Scour Aid

What is Scour-Aid?  Diarrhea in livestock is commonly called "scours" and Scour-Aid was originally developed for use with livestock.

Bentonite, the main ingredient in Scour-Aid, has long been used for the treatment of diarrhea. It has also been shown to trap excess water, toxins, viruses, bacteria, radiation, and heavy metals, and to safely carry them out of the animal's body. Bentonite is not broken down by microorganisms and is inert to the body. Bentonite has little smell or taste so it should be readily accepted. It has been found to be an extremely effective and safe treatment both internally and externally.

Our bentonite from Redmond Minerals is certified organic and tested for purity.

How is it used?  Scour-Aid can be used internally for the treatment of diarrhea: simply mix with wet or dry food, or, if the pet is not eating, mix with water and give by syringe. Scour-Aid can also be made into a thick paste and applied to cuts and abcesses.

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