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MSE Microbial Paste Probiotic Supplement

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MSE Microbial Paste Probiotic Supplement

An All-Natural Treatment for Sick or Stressed Pets

Combats Negative Antibiotic Effects — Regenerates Beneficial Gastrointestinal Flora

Detailed Information on Paste Rescue Probiotics

Microbial Paste is a highly concentrated all-natural probiotic and vitamin supplement that is intended for treating an ill or stressed animal on an as-needed basis. When a pet experiences some form of stress such as birth, lactation, weaning, new household members (human and pet), new diet, being left alone during the day, transportation, vet visits, competitions, etc., changes occur that kill many of the protective organisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Without the protection provided by these microorganisms, pathogens are able to proliferate. Pathogens can cause all manner of problems, from stealing valuable nutrients, excreting toxins, to penetration of vital organs. Antibiotics also kill many protective organisms.

Antibiotics are used to kill harmful bacteria. An unfortunate side effect is that they also kill beneficial bacteria. Probiotics help to regenerate normal gastrointestinal flora after depletion due to infection or ingestion of antibiotics. Probiotics must be ingested at least four hours from the time antibiotics are taken.

Probiotics are concentrated mixtures of beneficial bacteria that can temporarily replace the devastated endogenous microflora. The probiotic bacteria perform the same protective functions, in addition to providing easily-absorbable energy, keeping pathogens from proliferating, and stimulating the immune system - even helping to control such things as symptoms of upper respiratory disease in cats and dogs. And probiotics are highly beneficial when a pet is undergoing antibiotic treatment.

Microbial Paste has a similar concentration of bacteria as Liquid Rescue, but can be applied on gums and lips if the pet is not eating, or can be smeared on the fur if the pet is still grooming. Liquid Rescue is preferred for cats since they do not readily eat Microbial Paste.

This concentrated probiotic supplement starts to work in just hours!

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*The insulated box also contains an ice pack. We recommend an insulated box during warm months to keep the product from getting hot during shipping. Only one insulated box is necessary per shipment.

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