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Probiotics Family probiotic supplements are all-natural and formulated to work directly with your pet's digestive system to strengthen natural processes and aid recovery from stress, illness, antibiotics, or trauma. These supplements vary in strength for various applications—daily use, aiding recovery from mild stress or dysfunction, or trauma treatment.

Probiotic Comparison Chart
ProductDescriptionWhen To UseSpecial Considerations
MSE Daily Boost Probiotic supplement. Daily use to maintain good health and immune system. Do not feed to pets that are allergic to milk products.
MSE Natural Defense Concentrated probiotic supplement. Three times the concentration of Daily Boost. Daily use to control allergies or other chronic conditions. Excellent for reducing litter box odor. Do not get wet, or put on wet food.
MSE Natural Defense Soluble Concentrated probiotic supplement. The same concentration as Natural Defense, natural vitamin sources, enhanced palatability for cats. Daily use to control allergies or other chronic conditions. Better diarrhea control than Natural Defense. Use higher doses as needed for sick pets. Do not feed to pets that are allergic to salmon.
MSE Liquid Rescue Highly concentrated probiotic supplement, with added vitamins. Liquid form. As needed for sick pets, or pets with chronic health problems. High vitamin content causes bad taste, may cause vomiting in cats. If pet is eating, mix with food or milk to improve acceptance and reduce stomach irritation.
MSE Microbial Paste Highly concentrated probiotic supplement, with added vitamins. Paste form. As needed for sick pets, or pets with chronic health problems. High vitamin content causes bad taste, may cause vomiting in cats. If pet is eating, mix with food or milk to improve acceptance and reduce stomach irritation.

Guaranteed live, pure culture—Each of our probiotic formulas contains a variety of beneficial microorganisms that are guaranteed to exist as live, pure culture in the specified amount. Each of these microorganisms is carefully grown in the absence of other species or types of microorganisms—a pure culture. Ingredients listed as fermentation products are not purified, and have no guarantee regarding the viability or concentration of the microorganisms; however, they do provide additional beneficial microorganisms, and so are included to broaden the spectrum of microorganisms. The large number of pure culture microorganisms is what makes our probiotics so extraordinarily beneficial!

Broad-spectrum approach—Another reason our probiotics are so effective is the broad-spectrum approach: each probiotic formula contains four or five guaranteed live, pure culture microorganisms plus several others that are cultured together as a mix. Each microbe works best in different areas of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), and under various conditions. Because just as pathogens attack different parts of the GIT, the response has to be equally varied to cover all the bases. Acidity and nutrient availability change along the GIT from the stomach to the rectum, and every pathogen has its favorite niche. Our approach is to target as many areas and pathogens as possible.

Natur's Way, the manufacturer of our pet probiotics, began developing probiotics over 50 years ago for use on their working ranch. Since then they have continued extensive research and development of probiotics, and their products are well-received in the agricultural market. It's well-known that probiotics have beneficial properties, but it takes a great deal of research to determine the appropriate combinations and proportions appropriate for various situations. In our search for products that will benefit our pets' health, we became aware of Natur's Way and their extensive background of successes in maintaining very healthy bovines, alpacas, cats, dogs, and other ranch animals, as well as aiding recovery in extremely sick animals. Natur's Way spent many years developing this product, and now we're making it available to your pets. To ensure maximum freshness and effectiveness, these products will be shipped directly from Natur's Way to your door.

Nutrition is a cooperative effort between cells of the body and the microorganisms that inhabit the healthy gastrointestinal tract. All mammals are dependent on these beneficial organisms and even secrete substances to entice them to take up residence. Processed foods and a stressful environment deprive pets of these valuable organisms and the nutrients they metabolize. Recharge your pet with our daily and high-stress probiotic formulas!

Stress and the role of gastrointestinal tract microflora

The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of all healthy mammals contains over 400 species of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, and protozoa). These microorganisms form a natural protective barrier which keeps opportunistic pathogens from proliferating.

When a pet experiences some form of stress such as birth, lactation, weaning, new household members (human and pet), new diet, being left alone during the day, transportation, vet visits, competitions, etc., changes occur in the GIT that kill many of these protective organisms. Without the protection provided by these microorganisms, pathogens are able to proliferate. Pathogens can cause all manner of problems, from stealing valuable nutrients and excreting toxins to penetration of vital organs.

Antibiotics also kill many protective organisms.

The natural solution

Probiotics are concentrated mixtures of beneficial bacteria that can temporarily replace the devastated endogenous microflora. The probiotic bacteria perform the same protective functions and have some other beneficial effects, as discussed below.

There are two general types of probiotics:

The main differences between these two types of probiotics are in concentration of microorganisms and the way they are fed. Generally speaking, there are as many microorganisms in a pound of the feed-additive form as there are in a single dose of the more concentrated forms. The feed-additive types are designed to be fed on a daily basis. To protect pets that are about to or are experiencing major stresses, or to treat sick animals, the more concentrated forms must be given orally.

Stress opens the door to disease

The extent of the damage to the protective barrier depends on the nature of the stress experienced by the animal. Major (birth, lactation, weaning, surgery) or chronic stresses (being left alone often, pain, itching/biting insects) do more damage than minor, everyday stresses (occasionally being left alone or a vet visit). Probiotics can be used preventatively in either case by simply choosing the correct concentration.

If an animal does get sick, the more concentrated forms can help the animal recover. How? When an animal becomes ill, the digestive tract shuts down and all available resources are directed to the immune system. Probiotics can support the animal by:

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