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About Pinto Canyon

We Serve What Pets Deserve

Pets deserve food that is tasty, nutritious, and safe.  Our family is passionate about providing nutritious, wholesome, and safe food for pets.  Not only has our baking facility never had a recall in over 20 years, we test every batch well beyond required testing.  If all pet food were tested as extensively as ours there wouldn't be any recalls! 

Our family has been committed to serving pets ever since we began selling Flint River Ranch pet food online in 1998.  When Flint River Ranch went out of business we decided it was time to step up and bake our own pet food! We worked with nutritionists to create our own recipes that have the Flint River Ranch qualities our pets loved, and are even better: Compare to Flint River Ranch

Oven-baking in small batches makes the most digestible and nutritious food. The kibble is crispy like a baked cookie, and the flavor and aroma are over the moon! We taste every recipe we bake!

You know it's safe.
Your dog knows it tastes great!

Read how dogs love Pinto Canyon!

Chicken, lamb, fruits, and vegetables from human-grade sources
Free-range chicken and lamb; wild-caught fish
No antibiotics or hormones
No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
No corn, wheat, or soy
No ingredients or supplements from China
Never recalled

See what our probiotics can do for your pet!

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